Miss America Argumentative Essay

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As a woman, there is a constant pressure from society: be beautiful, respected, and intelligent. Programs such as Miss America—with the winner’s crowning and the focus on the contestants’ intellects over their bodies—was always advertised as the perfect method to achieve societal standards. After all, Miss America prides itself on how it furthers women’s education by offering over $45 million in scholarships, which they claim makes them “the largest provider of scholarship assistance for young women.” In a society that acknowledges a woman’s body before her mind, Miss America projects itself as a beacon of hope for all women across America. However, I began to wonder about the legitimacy of such a program. Could it truly be all that it said it was, or was it another ‘too good to be true’ program?
Firstly, there is no denying that Miss America is “the largest provider of scholarship assistance for young women.” Since 1945, Miss America has offered scholarships to its contestants with the amount of aid increasing from $5,000 to $50,000 as of 2013. The keyword in Miss America’s description is provider. The program does not actually offer the $45 million in scholarship it boasts. To be exact, the Miss America Foundation and Miss America Organization offer only $482,000 in total. The alleged $45 million total
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Contestants come in the hope to win money for college by not only looking beautiful, but by being talented and intelligent. After all, such qualities seem only natural for a woman deemed Miss America. However, contestants must abide by Miss America standards, meaning they must be “unmarried, not pregnant, and not the adoptive or biological parent of a child” and “be between the ages of 17 and 24.” These specifics are merely official rules of the Miss America Program and, without added societal rules, the program is already highly

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