Beauty Pageants In The 1950s Essay

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The 1950’s was known as the Golden Age of television in the United States. During this time beauty pageants, Barbie, and Marilyn Monroe were all popular in society. Beauty pageants gave families something to watch together. Barbie’s gave young girls something to imagine and play with. Marilyn Monroe became a famous icon in Hollywood as well as movies. Beauty pageants, Barbie, and Marilyn Monroe all exhibited characteristics which consisted of beauty and sexuality.
Miss America pageants have been popular since they were first established by Atlantic City businessmen whose main intentions were to make a profit (Miss America Transcript, 2016). Many American’s enjoyed these shows because they displayed the most beautiful women in the nation. The pageant gained the attention of contestants who wanted or needed the money. By the 1940’s pageants then consisted of four categories talent, evening gown, swim suit and personality (Miss America Transcript, 2016). Around this time the Miss America pageants was the first to create an innovative scholarship program. The first year awarded a $5,000 scholarship the first and only Jewish Miss America, Bess Myerson (Miss America Transcript, 2016) . There
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She was beautiful, blonde, and had a nice body. Although she played various roles in movies throughout her life, she was nothing like her characters she played. Marilyn mostly played “dumb blonde” roles, which at the end of the day she really did not enjoy. She dressed risqué for the times and was a sex symbol. A message inherent with Marilyn Monroe in terms of beauty and sexuality was that it sells. She made a lot of money solely off her image and the way she looked. She remained popular during conservative times by starring and various movies and by basically being the sex symbol that she was. Marilyn Monroe upholds some of the messages which dominate the time by being beautiful, having a nice body, and

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