Website Relationship Building Techniques Of A Company Essays

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Website Relationship Building Techniques Relationship building is very important when a company wishes to remain in business. Regardless of the market segment, be it B2C, B2B, or nonprofit, a business must adhere to the basic market strategy objectives. These strategies include customer acquisition, customer conversion, customer retention, and increasing a customer’s life time value (Roberts & Zahay, 2013, p.148). In the marketing world of today, it is imperative that businesses establish an online presence that incorporates these strategies. This online presence can take on many forms such as social media marketing, online adverting in the form of banner ads or rich media ads, and email campaigns. However, all these ads must point to a home base where the customer, business, or nonprofit can conduct business. More times than not this home base is the business’s webpage. The web page incorporates all of the strategies into one convenient location. This location allows the customers, businesses, and contributors to form relationships. Three organizations that have done a good job in developing their web pages to more effectively build these relationships are Starbucks (B2C), Quid (B2B), and the National Park Conservation Association (nonprofit). Starbucks’ website,, is a very consumer friendly website. In fact, the very first prominent image on the website is an event driven marketing campaign inviting customers to buy one drink and get one free to share…

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