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Webinars are a very profitable model to build and grow a business. In order to put on a webinar many people think that you need to spend $400 a month on a gotomeeting.com account and personally I don’t like their system.

I avoided webinars for the longest time because I thought the barrier to get started was too difficult and pricey to get started when it is actually so simple and cheap. The truth is you can put on webinars for the one-time cost of a plugin and video software, then air them through youtube livestream but self-host them.

I already mentioned the video software under creating videos on page 62, depending on your budget (free to a few hundred dollars). Going this route you will have some awesome benefits like not be limited
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In the Sales Funnel part of the Synergy System I will run through some numbers for combining it with your webinar to get an idea on a webinars profitability. I will use larger numbers and perhaps not where you will start but is something to work for and the math is the same for any size audience you wish to target.

Lastly that leaves us with the structure of your webinar. A webinar is very similar, though quite different, to speaking on stage. Both have the odd paradox that if you do nothing but teach the whole time you will not get any sales, though people will leave there loving you.

If you only teach, people will feel they have more than enough to be getting on with. If you sprinkle some nuggets while telling some stories that draw them in so they relate to you and inspire them into action, the sales will be there. To do this the webinar can be broken up into three parts: The Introduction, The Content (their Big Ah-ha), and The Call To Action (the Ladder Of
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Maybe you ask people to message you with their name, where they are from and what they are looking to get out of this and why they are there (this is good info for you anyway).

Then you want to give them your goal and a bold promise for what you will deliver to them (focused on what they will get out of) during the webinar. This bold promise will be the one big point of your content and likely the headline you used to advertise the webinar to begin with. I call this point their ‘Big Ah-ha’ or take away. This will give them a tangible way to gauge the value of your webinar at the end of it all.

This leads into who you are and perhaps a very short version of your heroes journey. They key to this is that they relate to you being just like them.
This is a perfect time to do what they call future acing in NLP (e.g.“Imagine where you will be in...”).

The Content – Your content (and all your sale copy) will be derived from their Big Ah-ha you want them to have which is the one change you want them to make or main point or thing that you want to really drive home from all of

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