Essay On Should Students Be Required To Wear Uniforms

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Should Students be required to Wear School Uniforms? At most private or religious high schools, students are required to wear uniforms. Many people and parents of students would like to start incorporating uniforms into public high schools. Wearing uniforms takes away any sort of diversity, making all students match and wear what would be considered “school appropriate.” With that being said, putting students in uniforms mandatory for that particular school makes the students appear as if they were one; it takes away the freedom of students to express who they are through clothing. Most people are aware that the first amendment of the constitution states that one is granted guaranteed freedom of expression. A school dress code is necessary …show more content…
To work around all of the controversy, it is best to find a light in the middle and find a resolution that agrees with both sides of the argument. In this case, it is argues whether or not school uniforms should be required. Some people say yes, they should be mandatory, while others say no. A resolution to fix this issue and to meet in the middle would be to not enforce uniforms, but imply a dress-code that requires students to dress appropriately, but at their own free will. With this resolution in place, it does not go against the first amendment, and it still gives students the option to wear what they want, while at the same time restricting them from dressing provocatively. Realistically, school uniforms will probably never fully be banned, but how often students have to wear them may be cut down. For example, students may have to wear their school uniforms all week, with the exception of Fridays. This would still give them structure on what to wear, but at the same time allow them to express who they are as individuals through clothing. To find a resolution everyone would be satisfied with would be unrealistic, but to find a resolution that satisfies most people is the main

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