Satire Essay On School Uniforms

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School Attire Many public schools and charter schools are requiring students to wear uniforms. As if the students ' attire affect and improve their performance in school academics. Instead, the various school attire policies are affecting the students’ academic performance because they are being sent home due to their lack of proper school regulated attire. They do not have the correct belt, the correct shirt, or even the correct pants. The student are sent to, ISS, In School Suspension, if their parents cannot bring them the correct school attire. The school uniform policies are actually becoming problematic because students are missing classes or even a whole day of school for not wearing the correct uniform. This affects their attendance …show more content…
With the schools which are strict on uniform rules students could be suspended due to their lack of appearance in proper uniform requirements that are set by the school. In some of the uniform required schools, students are sent home because their belt, shirt, or pants are the incorrect color; or their clothes are to revealing, near transparent or constricting. The students would missed a whole day of education due to an unnecessary skirmish on uniform policies. Uniforms will not prevent bullying. Student are bullied because of their race, height, weight, intelligence, and differences or just because the bully is jealous of other students. Uniforms do not prevent students not get involved in gangs either because some of the colors that are required to wear to school are actually gang related colors. Uniforms are not easier to enforce than standard clothing because there are students that bring other clothes to change into when they are already inside the school building. Standard clothing would actually be better because then students would not need to change into different outfits and get in trouble for not wearing the correct attire. Adding accessories to school uniforms for student to show their individualism is not such a great option because having to buy more things to accessorize with uniform would only mean more expenses for parents and low income

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