Nutrition And Weight Loss

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Nowadays, there are so many people that are fat and they want to lose their weight but they don’t know what to do. People that are fat usually damaging their health more and getting sick easier that people that are in shape, people that take care of what are they eating or working out. We get confused that we can easily lose weight by going on some diets and starving ourselves or getting surgeries, but like that we just bring our bodies in danger of some diseases. They should pay attention on what are they eating and even pay more attention on how much they are eating. If you are controlling yourself with the food, you will probably lose weight sooner or later, but if you work out and take care of nutrition your weight loss is guaranteed. …show more content…
She said: “Losing weight requires burning more calories and consuming fewer.”(Leslie 62) She really made good point with this, if you spend more calories than you eat them, weight is going down for sure. But also Dane Heather gave other perspective on this, he said: “The best way to give your body what it needs is to listen to the signals your body is giving you.”(Heather 32) This way is healthier of course, but this way is probably going to take longer to lose weight, but at least you know that after losing weight this way it’s harder to be not in a shape. Because in this way you are going to used to kind of food you are eating and listening your body signals about your …show more content…
This can reduce your inflammation and also it can improve your body immunity, if you had problems with it before. If you are working out, and even if you are not, you should take different kind of supplements like vitamins, calcium, magnesium etc. it can helps you a lot. Beginning is always tough but with this stuff you can get over it easily. No one should go on some type of diet that is not going to make that person happy. If he just going to get frustrated with it, than he shouldn’t do it. No one is making you to become something that you are not and that is also shown in the article that I mentioned before. Hay said: “listen deeply to your own body and find what works for you.” (Hay 36) I completely agree with her, because your body is going to “tell” you everything. What you like? What you don’t like? How you feel eating that food? After all nothing really matter, except you getting healthy or staying that way. In these articles and of course book, I’ve seen really good points how to maintain healthy life. Book showed me basic things about healthy weight and how to get there, but these two articles gave me better perspective how to fix that problem or at least show how that problem can be solved on the easiest and painless

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