Essay about Wal-Mart Takes on the World Summary

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Wal-Mart takes on the World

The following paper is a summary of how Wal-Mart has faced limited growth on American soil, was forced to look else- where for growth opportunities, particularly in foreign countries, where market shares were already established. Wal-Mart found itself facing political, ideological, cultural, and technological barriers in its attempt to enter the markets on foreign soil. Wal-Mart deliberately selected emerging markets as a starting point for international expansion (pg.395). In Latin America, Wal-Mart targeted large growing populations like in Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil; in Asia, it sought out China. Wal-Mart used a
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Its expansion strategy internationally has been aggressive and powerful. The latest expansion strategy is for the company to gain entry into a nation by corporate takeover of a national retailer. Once the company is bought, Wal-Mart converts the stores into Wal-Mart stores. Three countries, all with no previous Wal-Mart stores, became part of the corporation's international presence when domestic retail chains were overtaken. In 1994, Wal-Mart bought 122 Woolco stores in Canada; today there are 196 units in Canada. In 1998 Wal-Mart bought the Wertkauf store with 21 units, now there are 94 Wal-Mart's in Germany. In 1999, Wal-Mart acquired the ASDA chain with 229 units in the UK. Today, the UK has 252 Wal-Mart stores. This particular strategy, of corporate takeover, puts the company at an advantage when it enters into a new market. In one stroke, a large competitor is eliminated, and at once, Wal-Mart has real estate and employees, and a massive presence in its targeted location. This is an effective use of the company's size and wealth, as few if any competitors are able to do this effectively. The company builds up brand familiarity, while retaining the old familiar outlets. Gradually, as the local Wal-Mart stores begin to make money, and local management assess their competition environment, the company begins to redesign the acquired stores to look like

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