Walmart Positioning Case Study

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3.0Positioning - “But positioning is not what you do to a product. Positioning is what you do to the mind of the prospect” (Ries and Trout,1982).The word “positioning” was introduced and applied by Al Ries and Jack Trout to the marketing context in 1982 when they wrote “Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind”. They go on to explain that positioning that its not about how you make a product but it is all about the consumers perceive the product.
Joseph,J. (2013) explains that “Positioning” has been interpreted differently by different people and its difficult to pinpoint positioning . Brand positioning is one such strategy and there are differing notions of what it entails. While
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They have come up with five viable positionings, that are: product, price, ease of access, value-added service, and customer experience. They further explained that if a company applies just a single tool out of the above five, it will do well in the market By applying any two of the tools the company would do exceedingly well and by applying any three would be at “industry par”. They further explain their theory by an example of Wal-Mart and the reason why it is Wal-Mart is doing very well is because they are applying four out of their five positioning tools .Wal-Mart offers average at ease of access, value-added service, and the customer experience and offers very good prices than their market competitors .When a company offers something new and unique which is difficult to give competition , it is then considered to be the best positioning tool. Ikea and Harley Davidson are the best examples of that. They are number one in their respective fields without a major threat or competition , reason being that they offer something really unique and interesting than their

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