Wake Up You Lazy Brat Essay

1251 Words May 24th, 2016 6 Pages
You woke up with a throbbing in your head and tears in the corner of your eyes it took you a solid minute for the pain to sub side but when it did it left your stomach knotting in fear

You didn’t know who you were the feeling of the unknown something told you that you had a good memory that it was something incredible something that only one and a million had but then again how did you know this when you don’t have any memories how could you know that you had a good memory when you didn’t have any the emptiness in your brain made your heart beat painful in your chest it was beating so fast you almost could feel your blood rushing through your veins your mouth opens letting out a choked sob your hand smacks over your mouth stifling your cries


your eyes widened that voice it was familiar and suddenly you shut your eyes reaching out towards the thought- no it wasn’t a thought it was a feeling a feeling in your chest that make your heart clench your head throbbed once more then you knew that voice it was your grandmothers someone you loved with your whole being a person who you truly never got to know a person who was DEAD the thought roared through your mind like the tides of the ocean reaching for your feet dragging you into the merciless sea to pull you down the stomping of feet brought you back to life making you feel dizzy off centered at the snap of a fingers your world turned from hazy fog like to sharp clareted your mind wasn’t as empty…

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