Essay about Voting For The President Of The United States

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Voting for the President of the United States is a necessary action we must take as citizens of our country. It is especially crucial to have background knowledge on who you plan to vote for because it enables a reasonable decision to be made. It is a chance for your opinion, regarding which candidate you would prefer, to be understood by others, to hold elected officials liable for their settlements and to have a voice in vital subjects that impact your community. The Electoral College is extremely expensive, but yields the same results as a general election, therefore, the College is not only unreasonable financially, it also is not very useful.
Every 4 years, citizens from the United States go to voting booths located around their community to record a vote for the new, upcoming President and Vice-President of their country. These votes are recorded and totaled immediately right after. The winner is then reported and publicized, unless the majority of the Electoral College associates a vote for a different candidate. The outcome of the popular votes is not guaranteed to withstand because the Presidential election is determined by the votes of the Electoral College. In the Electoral College system, every state gets a certain amount of electors depending on their population magnitude. “The Framers envisioned a nation led by a certain kind of natural aristocrat who was above partisanship, like George Washington, whose noble qualities would inspire and justify trust”…

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