Electoral College Process Essay

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Electoral College Process With the upcoming presidential election in November 2106, I believe that it is important to understand our government, and how the leader of our country will truly be selected, come election time. Most people think that their vote personally effects who wins the presidency, but what they do not realize, is that there is a system in place called the Electoral College. I am a firm believer in educated voting, and knowing how the system works plays hand in hand with being educated on the candidate that you are voting for. In my generation, it seems that most people get out to vote just to vote, without really doing their research, and I do not believe that this is what voting is all about. Understanding the government …show more content…
It comes from the 435 representatives. 100 senators, and then the 3 electoral vote’s allotted to the District of Columbia. The Electoral College is responsible for the votes that chose the next president and vice president. Of those votes, a candidate must receive a majority of the votes, 270 or more. One of the most famous cases of how the Electoral College works with the 2000 election between Al Gore and George W Bush. Gore won the popularity votes by far, but in the end, Bush was elected president because his electoral votes won 271-266. It’s an interesting process. The electors are not required to vote for their states popular vote, so you who individually vote for is almost a moot point in the end. This may seem a bit odd, so let’s explore the pros, cons and some proposed reforms of the Electoral College, because this system, like many in the government, does not come without …show more content…
Direct vote with Plurality Rule
4. Congressional District Method
5. National Bonus plan
After researching these reforms in more depth (I have to read into things very deeply to fully understand things), I agree with some of the reforms, and disagree with others. It is hard to say exactly, because this whole process has me conflicted with my own thoughts, so how can I effectively give an argument if I don’t fully have a stance one way of the other. On one hand, I believe that a direct vote would be more loyal to our style of government, but on the other hand, if that is how it worked, then we might have Donald Trump as our next president.
No one person has the true answer to everything political, and I believe that it will always be an open ended process with room for change, hence the amendments to the constitution. At my age, however, I do find it important and necessary for everyone in our country, my generation especially to do their research on elections as monumental as that of the President of the United States. I truly believe in the requirement of government classes, and I am so thrilled that I could take mine in a time such as this, so that I can help myself to fully understand my impact on the nation come

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