Volleyball Assignment In Volleyball

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Volleyball Assignment
Piper McFarlane

1) A diagram of the court and label/find a picture which shows where the centre line, attack line, baseline and free-zone is.

2) What are the main shots permitted in volleyball?

The game of volleyball requires adequate skill and ability, which relies on a range of different shots. The serve, dig, set and spike. Being able to direct the ball utilising these shots are essential in gaining expertise in the sport.

3) How many players allowed on the court?

The correct set up of a volleyball court requires six players. Three in the front row and three behind in the back row.

4) What are the separate roles of the players?

The team is separated into specific individual
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The player is located to the right front of the court.

The opposite hitter:
The opposite hitter plays opposite the setter’s position. They are responsible for being the back up hitter and mainly attack from their position on the front right side of the court. They are also crucial for blocking against the opponents’ outside hitter.

The setter:
The role of the setter is to direct the team’s offence and provide players with opportunities for scoring. The setter is often positioned in the right front or right back of the court.

The Middle Blocker:
The role of the middle blocker is to stop the oppositions’ offensive hits. Their blocking stops the ball or allows another player the opportunity to dig the ball. The position of this player is located in the centre of the court.

The Libero:
The role of the libero only plays the back row and can replace any player on the court. A libero needs to have great passing skills, especially in receiving serves. Their position is allocated to the backcourt only but most often plays in the left
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So it is their responsibility to be able to pass the ball well so it allows the team to properly run the their offence. Majority of their play involves digging, especially in receiving the oppositions’ serve rather than attacking the ball. The Libero on the team is required to wear a different coloured jersey to the rest of the teammates and can only play in the back court in the game.

7) How many hits per side? There is a maximum of the three hits per side in the game

8) Can the ball be played off the net?

If the ball hits the net it can still be kept in play. It may also be played off the net during a volley and on serve.

9) How do you score in volleyball? What are the rules?

The scoring in volleyball is a match of three games. The team that is the first to score 25 points, wins the game (there has to be a minimum of a two point advantage). A point is scored on each rally. As well as to the opposing team when the ball is an out of bound hit, missed or served to the net. If in the case of a deciding game, the first team to 15 points wins.

10) What are the key points to success in completing a serve in volleyball? List some key

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