Voices Of Writing Essay

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Voices of Writing When I first witnessed the essence of the underlying sights of New York City I knew that this accomplishment wasn’t a joke! Never in a million years would I have thought that I could win the 2009 National Arthur Ashe Writing Contest rather any challenges at all. This specific event marked true ambitions within me and it made me want to become a New York Times bestselling author. After my mom told me that out of the entire nation, only two kids, one of them being me had won a three day all-expense paid trip to the “Big Apple” I knew writing was my gift and that I couldn’t stop using it. Even before this astonishment, putting words on paper was always a wonderful feeling inside. The skill helped me open up my weaknesses, but also better define my strengths. This ability both molded my levels of literacy along with who I am as a person by explaining how the urge simply came to be. I first learned to read and write at maybe two or three years of age. My mother took me to see my godfather Hariss who absolutely adored me. He bought me a stack of Looney Tune books. From what I can remember is me repeatedly opening and closing the books trying to understand the words. However, the pictures were easy to convey from. I knew actions just not the meaning of the words. As far as writing goes my mother would buy me paper to write on because there were so many ideas to put on paper. Like she would always say I was very creative as a child. Now, my earliest memory of…

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