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Name: CHUNKY ADNANI Reg. Number: 091585574 Course: B.A. ACCOUNTANCY & FINANCE Topic: Evaluation of Vodafone Essar's Marketing Strategy

1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) Executive Summary Introduction Indian Telecom Market PEST Analysis SWOT Analysis STP Analysis Marketing Mix Evaluation of Vodafone Essar's strategy: i. Ansoff Matrix ii. Pricing Strategy iii. BCG matrix iv. Product Life Cycle 9) Vodafone's Current Position 10) Prospects/Issues for future growth 11) Conclusion 12) Appendices 13) List of References

Executive Summary
Marketing a product or a service significantly these days is as prudent as its development. This coursework is aimed to evaluate Vodafone Essar's marketing strategy in context of its effect and reach
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 Products like Vodafone Campus pack, SMS pack, Night minutes and Talk all night plan are just tailor made to attract the younger generation of India

Middle Class:
 Working class comprises a major if not the most of Indian population.  For families with members working outside their native place, they have introduced World calling cards and Gulf calling cards.

Prior to its takeover by Vodafone, Hutch positioned its brand as a one which had the leading network coverage. It hired 2 leading professionals in their field; Rahul Dravid and Irfan Khan. This was followed by introduction of its most well recognized brand ambassador "The PUG". It perfectly suited the theme "Wherever you go our network follows you". When Vodafone took over they changed the tagline of the pug to "Happy to Help" and positioned itself as a company which cared for their customers. The ZOO ZOO campaign during IPL season 2 in 2008, demonstrated the value added services provided by Vodafone like caller tunes, SMS packs etc. These advertisements showed a young and a vibrant image of Vodafone. The advertisements were an instant hit with the masses especially amongst the masses Recently Vodafone introduced the scheme "Power to You"

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