Visual Age Essay

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Diversity of the Visual Age
Virtual advertisements are becoming just as common as seeing a McDonalds or Walmart in our daily travels. Video game advertisements, being examples of these, are visually satisfying reality altering objects that are finding their way into households across the globe more and more each day via internet and cable television. The reason for this I believe is the diversity of the game developers today. They are targeting audiences of all ages, races, genders, and so much more when they produce and create their games. Electronic Arts is an American game publisher and developer that has perfected over 30 years the art by creating a thriving company basing all of its games off the targeted audience, providing
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People who have never been interested in games such as shooters maybe interested due to some of the rhetorical content in the trailer. The rhetorical content used by the advertiser “Winner of over 60 game industry awards” could be very effective persuading the viewer to purchase the game.
For two and a half decades EA Sports has been producing Madden NFL games. This time deciding to go a whole step further from the previous twenty-four years and creating an intense and competitively satisfying game. Madden NFL 25 marked the twenty-fifth anniversary for the franchise. Football fans from when they were young kids have been following and tracking the success of the games buying, selling, and trading just to upgrade to the next NFL game. Now, that younger audience is adults with children and families who they bring into the games as well. The target audience is now expanded from not just grown adult males reliving their childhood watching and playing football. It is also younger male adults who are playing against friends using their favorite teams with their own players they have created. The gameplay in the ad is interpreted as fast pace and non-stop, not to mention is also introducing new things within the game. Pulling the targeted audience in with the gameplay and promises of additions to the game they already know and love. “Celebrate the 25th anniversary of the game that changed the game” “Run free,

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