Ethical Dilemmas Of Ethics In The Sexualized Ad Campaign

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Jeff is new in the position of the assistant account planner and is uncomfortable by the burgers ad campaign because he does not like the idea of selling an unhealthy burger and is uncomfortable with the sexualized ad campaign. Jeff does not like the tagline “Patty melts for you” and wants to bring up the similar sexualized ad campaign with Paris Hilton that did not go over well with the public. Jeff has not said anything, but needs help figuring out what to tell the client and how to proceed.
Ethical Theories
If Jeff decides to keep quiet, there would be a lot of ethical ramifications. One of the ethical frameworks I have chosen to work with is consequential ethics because the campaign is national and thus will be seen by many and
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Jeff is at a crossroads when deciding what to tell the clients. His ego can determine how he proceeds; keeping quiet about the sexist ad would make the most sense in terms of egoism, because it would guarantee that the client and Jeff’s boss would make a lot of money with the ad. Egoism is also at stake in the decision to release the ad because it can help drive sales for Carl’s Jr. Jeff realizes how uncomfortable he feels about the ad and as ethical egoism states “a person ought to do what is in his or her own best interests, over the long run” (Rachels, 71). Therefore, one can conclude that if Jeff stayed silent there would be more benefits than harm. In contrast, if Jeff listened to his ego, it would be in his best interest to speak up because he is putting himself before the client and ad …show more content…
The advertising agency provides the authority and resources for a company to exist. The creative team creates the advertisement, which continues the snowball effect of advertising. Without the creative team, no advertisements would be created and thus their would be no customers as no one would be unaware of the product or they could be aware of the product but uninterested in it because it is just a burger, which customers can find at many food places. Bivins notes that without an advertising agency, their would be no one to promote the client’s interests and clients would be lost because of it (22). Jeff has to determine whether or not to continue with the ad by benefiting the agency, which results in more money and allows the Hardees account to thrive and have a satisfied client. This further enables the cycle, in which ads are created for the benefit of society, more money for the economy as products sell, and thriving ad

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