Essay about Video Games Positive Effects On Society

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Video Games, Our Lifesavers!
Video games are exceptional for the wellbeing of a person! Although many people think otherwise there is actually a sum of evidence and research that supports this claim. Video games are stealthily filled with a lot of education, they can increase helpful behaviors, they help people find their identity, and they take away stress, make you more active, and promote enjoyment. Because video games have such positive effects on one 's health, and there is much evidence and research to prove it, they should be played by more people across the whole world.
Although many people believe video games have negative effects on both the mind and body, there is actually many evidence and research that shows that video games can have positive effects and be beneficial for one 's health. Video games are stealthily filled with a lot of education. Isabela Granic, Adam Lobel, and Rutger C.M.E. Engels, provide strong evidence and research that shows how by just playing one shooter game, you can gain skills that usually someone would never realize they have. By playing a video game, those skills come to life and those skills that are gained can be very beneficial to not only a child but an adult as well. Skills are gained that can improve abilities for both school and work. Granic, Lobel, and Engels did an experiment that showed how playing shooter games could improve cognitive abilities. Granic, Lobel, and Rutger claim that, “Compared to control participants, those…

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