Video Games Get A Bad Rap Essay examples

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Video games get a bad rap. From the violence depicted in the game play, to the controversal topics brought to light in the story. Video games have been at the forfront of blame for uncharacteristic behavior in people. The biggest being violence in video games and the correlation toward violence behavior in human beings. They are an eazy target and with the market targeting all demographics, it 's easier than ever to pick up a control and play your favorite crime enphasized or fighting style video game. Does that nessasarily mean that after playing a video game of that genre, that you are more likely to display those types of tendancies? Can a video game make you violent and more likely to commit a violent crime? Researchers and Psychologists have been studying this connection for over twenty years. With some of the research showing a small connection, and most of the researcher showing no connection at all. In a study conducted by Christopher Ferguson from the Assoquation for Psychological Science, he compared the influence of violent and nonviolent video games on a small demographic of children and their well-being. In a controlled analysis, the children were given violent and nonviolent video games to play. During and after they play certain video games, they were tested for elevated levels of aggression, prosocial behavior, and decreased academic performance. Neither violent or nonviolent video games altered those specific areas of examination and the scienctific data…

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