Video Games Effects On Teenagers Essays

1320 Words Dec 13th, 2015 null Page
Ever since the popularity of video games became evident, it received a negative connotation. Angry parents and others began to declare that video games were bad for teenagers. They would say that video games are a bad influence for teenagers. Parents also said that violent video games cause those who use them to become more aggressive. However, this is not the case and people need to know the truth behind the “impact” that video games have on teenagers. The stories on video games that most people have heard are the results of faulty experiments. The truth is that video games do not hinder everyone’s academic performance and violent video games do not cause aggressive behavior in all teenagers. The belief of the angry parents that video games have a poor impact on a student’s education is inaccurate. Many people have not been shown the truth behind video games because the research saying that video games are bad has never been challenged, even though there is plenty of research stating the opposite (Collins and Freeman). In addition to not being shown all the research that proves that video games are not bad, the research that most people have seen is very flawed. A great amount of this research is based on elementary school children, which means the subjects’ performance is based on the teachers’ preconception on students who play video games (Drummond and Sauer). This means that if a teacher believes that people who play video games perform poorly academically, they will…

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