Video Games Effects On Children Essay examples

1080 Words Jan 27th, 2016 null Page
Do you think video games have bad influences for children? Parents believe their child can become a good person, study a lot, make many friends, stay a healthy, and become a kind person. Many parents think video games interfere with children’s growth because most of the children like to play video game, and they spend a lot of time for playing game. Sometimes, children did not do school assignments, stay in a room and play game long time, and did not help mother at home. In Japanese children, more than 90% have some video game. Also, surprisingly, 110% of high school students have video game, it means people have more than one video game. And, children spend about two hours to play video game every day. (Benesse) Therefore, many parents hate video game, they think that video game only bad, influences on their children. However, I disagree with this idea, video games have several advantages for children: Children can active their brain more, learn a lot of knowledge, and has a feeling effect. First, children can active their brain more. Video games player can improve their brain more active. Playing video games can train for player’s brain. People think that playing video games influence very bad for people, especially for a child. Parents always say, “Video game is bad, you should study now!” However, in fact, video games have positive effects on player’s brain. First reason is that when player starts a new video game, player’s brain is very active because they try to…

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