Video Games Increase Happiness

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Can video games increase your health and happiness? I believe you can and during the process of this paper I will prove it to you. There are many great benefits to playing video games such as increasing your happiness, stimulating developing brains , make you a better parent, and even extend your lifespan. I plan to present research and proof supporting my claims that video games can actually help you both physically and mentally. The first thing I will talk about is the first thing that caught your eye at the beginning which is that video games can actually extend your lifespan. Jane McGonigal actually created a game that has been proven to extend your lifespan by up to 10 years just by completing quests in game. Her game is called Superbetter. …show more content…
The was a study conducted by Dr. Andrew K. Przybylski in which 2436 male and 2463 female young people between the ages of 10 to 15, where he found that children that invest less than one third of their free time playing video games actually showed increases in pro social behavior and life satisfaction and decreases in hyperactivity, conduct problems, and emotional problems. The way video games are classified are the same as any other form of imaginative play, which can produce cognitive challenges and social challenges for the person to overcome and actually help them to start thinking in a new way. Research has shown imaginative play is vital with a developing brain by helping them look at things a different way. Dr Przybylski 's study actually determined that video games activate the same receptors as any other form of enjoyable activity that we do. But his study also showed that too much time spent playing video games will result in harmful effects with an increase in both external and internal problems. The time that he suggested that children play video games is about three hours a day anything higher and you could start to experience those harmful effects. But if you look at it like wine a glass a day has health benefits but if you over drink it will start to have negative effects but most things that are good for you are also bad for you in the wrong quantity. The doctor 's study also showed that the ratings and the content of games hardly had an effect on the child 's brain much less than if they watched an adult movie or watched a late-night television show. Something that was surprising because everyone likes to try and link violent video games and acts of violence such as school shooting or mass murders. Most people try to blame it on the video games even though we have so much research stating that video games do not negatively affect the

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