Video Games Case Study

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Chapter I

In this twenty first century in India, Children and Adolescent populaces are embedding themselves with the media technologies as a part of their living. The proliferation of media technology is transforming the children's lives at home, school, and public sphere. The children and adolescent are engaged with media like radio, cinema, television, and video games. Among these the interactive game media is playing a unique role which Ellis (1983) argues that video games have become the building blocks of the child's world, because video games are encompassed stories, characters, and heroes. Additionally, Video games seem to have an unusual comprehensive appeal and afford a surprising
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Over the past four decades, the video game playing got popularity in India like most part of the world, particularly among children and adolescent. The ubiquity of video games has emerged in various social spaces on various platforms such as arcade machine, computer, gaming console, handheld device, mobile phone with network etc. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation study (Roberts, Foehr, & Rideout, 2010), video game playing is significantly increasing over past 5 years in US. Although, globally most of the part, video games increase in mobile phone and handheld gadget playing instead of console gaming. In addition, reveals that 49 percentage video games played on gaming consoles; include Nintendo, PlayStation, Microsoft X Box, and Wii played by children and adolescent aged 8-18 years old. Just over half video games played on portable devices: 29 percent played on handheld gadget and 23 percent played mobile …show more content…
Primarily video game playing provides the children and adolescent in their daily life entertainment, enjoyment, relaxation from academic work and socializing with friends. In this Player, sharing of video game play experience affects certain behavioural change. In particular, those who play video games in the video game parlour are more socializing with their friends than those who play video games at home.
However, playing these video games can certainly have both positive and negative effects. The present study attempts to investigate the impact of video game playing in children and adolescent players social, emotional, and cognitive development in the process of playing.


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