Video Games Can Reduce Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

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video games would increase the mental health of players, learning and exceeding in subjects like English. However, Taoism also states that there has to be a harmony between playing video games and the benefits from playing video games. So, scholastic video games should be played moderately because excessively video game playing can lead to addiction and that comes with it 's vices. Video games can reduce the symptoms of ADHD and treat anxiety. In Nathan Wilkinson 's article “Online Video Game Therapy for Mental Health Concerns: A Review”, Wilkinson mentions that there is evidence which states that video games can reduce attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, also known as ADHD, symptoms. As stated in Wilkinson 's article, “The effectiveness of this adaptive training system was equal to that of conventional, non-game visual biofeedback in reducing 9–13-year-olds’ inattention and hyperactivity, and the participants reported it to be much more enjoyable” (Wilkinson 374). In this case, people with ADHD need to counteract the imbalance of not playing video games with playing video games which results in reducing the symptoms for ADHD. In addition, video games can treat people with anxiety. In Patel Anuradha 's article “Distraction with a hand-held video game reduces pediatric preoperative anxiety”, Anuradha discusses the use of video games to reduce to reduce anxiety in “the preoperative period and induction of anesthesia” (Anuradha 1022). Wilkonsin supports Anuradha 's…

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