Why Do Violent Video Games Really Cause Violence?

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Hello im name is Joseph, and I well be trying to convess you that video games are really not the main problem for violence or at least show that people should not just blame games when there is something much more worse. I well be giving different news articles from the new york times. But there is a problem that seems to be over looked, we say its the games fault that this kid played a game that was supposed to be for people 17 and older. But seem they manged to get their hands on it, mostly going to parents that don’t pay attention to this and parents wanting to use the system as a all day babysitter.

Well to get started I well start of with a article, named Shooting in the Dark part of this article says, The proliferation of violent video
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And if thats not what they say, well they could have fooled me. They dont seem to care that maybe he was beaten growing up as a kid, and his or her parents did not show them love or care more or less just being like heres this stay out of are hear.

But there are more on another article that was conducting studys as well on the newyork times. The name of this article is called Violent Video Games: Does it affect the mind? And it goes on to say
Introduction Violent video games have been known to have both a positive and negative effect on different people. These effects have been hotly debated: some people adopting a more lenient policy on these games, and some adopting a stricter policy, suggesting bans and bars on violent games. Many of these arguments rely on experience, studies, polls and drawing experience from prior outcomes. In each argument exists the question: Is there a connection between violent video games and violence, and if so, what connects the two?

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He plays numerous video games, including but not limited to: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, and Minecraft. Imagine a world completely destroyed; cities in ruin, corpses on the streets, and discharged firearms lay everywhere to accompany the scene. Gruesome, right? Now you’re thinking that it couldn’t get any worse, but now imagine if someone told you this all happened because somebody blew a video game out of proportion, doing what they saw in the game. Can pixels forming people shooting each other really cause an individual to snap? In most cases, it seems irrational and far­fetched, doesn’t it? One of the main controversies I have seen lately is the speculation that the playing of violent video games (i.e. the Call of Duty series) causing bad behavior. From what I have seen from being both a researcher and teenage gamer, video games do NOT induce violent behavior in teens. In 2010, a scientist by the name of Ferguson conducted a study that showed violent media and video game influences on youth. A sway in the study showed that crime rates remained the same, even while the youth of the study played violent games. Some people may tell you that teens who play violent games are more likely to be aggressive or confrontational. If a teen does do this in response to playing these kinds of games, he or she should know to limit themselves, or at the very least,

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