Video Games Are Not The Issue Of Violent Behavior Essay

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It may seem children learn violent behavior from video games; however, children learn violent acts and behavior from their parents. As an avid gamer, I know that playing video games has never influenced me to commit any violent acts and can also be a positive influence on children. Kids learn from their parents, so if kids are in negative surroundings, because their parents are always angry or being abusive, then chances are the kids will perceive that acts of physical, verbal,or emotional violence are the only way of dealing with their anger and frustration.
Video games are not the issue of violent behavior with children. Growing up I played a various number of games from sports, fantasy, fighting, to shooting and gruesome. For instance, in a game like Grand Theft Auto players roam the streets and have interaction with prostitutes, steal cars, and shoot people. Another example of a game that involves violence is UFC in which two opponents hurt each other, and one opponent must knock down the other in order to claim victory. Even though these games depict a lot of violence, I have never had the urge to cause havoc with those around me.
Now many parents may believe video games influence their children to become more violent because of all the violence or explicit images they provide, but the truth is, video games can actually help their children and provide multiple benefits. Video games have the ability to give children an alternate reality to help cope and reduce stress.…

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