Aggressive Behavior In Video Games Case Study

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Aggressive Behavior in Children who Play Video Games The great thing about science is that you can ask a question, and with the proper knowledge and resources, be able to answer your question. One question that has aroused in the world recently has to do with a newer technology, video games. More and more children have access to video games via computers, gaming consoles, and smart phones. At the same time, these children are starting to become more violent and aggressive, so people are wondering do violent video games influence the children to become more aggressive? There would be two possible ways to test this theory. One method would be with a case study and the other would be with ______. Each of these methods would yield positive results, …show more content…
It would tie into the case study research, and any other research that has ever been done on this topic. Researchers would compile all of the information they could from past studies on how video games affect children and review the information. They would then use this information to determine whether or not video games do affect behavior. Like the case study, this method also has its positive and negative impacts. The good thing about this method is that it allows you to combine all other research that has been done on this topic and put it together to form an answer. At the same time, this could also be a draw back because the information that has been recorded from past research may not be enough to support the theory. Also, this method may include data this is dated. Video games have been around for at least thirty years, if not longer. And in that time, it is safe to say that video games have become more violent over time. So if research was done on how video games affects the behavior of child when video games first came out, then it could cause the results to be off because the data would be outdated. This would cause this method to not be as valid as the case study method because if the data were to be outdated or if there was not enough available, the initial question may have to be altered to conform around the

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