Negative Effects Of Videogames

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Negative Effects of Videogames Ralph Baer created the first video game console, in the late sixteen-hundreds (Smithsonian). Since then, many new consoles like the PS4, XBOX, and the Nintendo have been created. These consoles offer a first-person capability, giving them a real-life experience. This type of experience makes it hard to differentiate between real life and the virtual world. The video games have become sexually, graphically, and violently more advanced. The most dangerous effects of gamming are the unknown health problems that gamers face. In older games characters were block digital figures. With new technology the character’s sexual appearance and behavior, in videogames, gives off a negative appeal. The female and male characters …show more content…
People who play video games more than two hours a day are at risk for many health threats. Obesity is one of the more severe conditions of gaming for long periods of time. Gamers who play for excessive hours do not stop to get full healthy meals or exercise. Which, increase their chances of becoming obese (Nall). Poor sleeping patterns are also a negative effect of video games. Trying to unlock a new level can cause gamers to lose track of time and forget to sleep. This can affect them in class or at work. Most gamers stay seated in the same position which can cause back pain. “Being unable to pull themselves away from the screen also leads to becoming socially impaired” (Nall). “According to Kids Health, a website sponsored by the Nemours Foundation. “Limiting your child 's video game play to one to two hours per day or requiring that she engage in some physical activity prior to playing can help to reduce these effects” (Nall). Although, these health associated risks can be anywhere from minor to severe problems, they should all be taken with the same precautions. Parents can make a difference by taking a more active role in the supervision of the games their child play. Less violent and stereotypical games can help prevent them from seeing and treating themselves and others in a negative way. Looking at the rating of the game will also give you a better understanding of what game you are buying for your

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