Do Violent Video Games Have Negative Effects On Young Children?

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Ever since video games, TV, and movies started to come out, people have always been out there criticizing that violent media leads to violent acts from people. Many people are on both sides of the fight. Each group invests millions of dollars into studies and experiments to prove that each one’s theory proves their arguments. In recent years, the media has started to portray how other medias express violence in that they are at fault for the raise of violence in the youth today. In the article, it talks about how video games lead kids to be more violent than normal. I found this article on the internet in the NDSU libraries EBSCO files. Throughout the article Sohn talks about studies that have been done to see if violent behavior is taught through different types of media. I believe that video games play a certain role, but are not the underlining problem of violence among teens.
The author, Emily Sohn, likes to write about controversial subjects which include video game violence. Sohn’s intellect is very high as “she attended school at University of California, Santa Cruz. She graduated with a certificate
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“The University of Michigan in Ann arbor recently reviewed more than 300 studies of media effects on children” (Sohn 1). The article talks about studies people have done and what they have concluded from the studies. She writes to support that violent video games are bad, but kind of supports the idea kids should be able to realize between false reality and reality. With realistic fiction, the article talks about how violence in a virtual world can be replayed out in real life. Sohn talks about how in video games, the player is in control of a person or something’s dynasty. The games give the player the power to decide things for them, good or bad. When a task is achieved the player is rewarded with power, prizes, money, and

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