Media Violence And Non-Violent Videogames

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Nicholas Johnson, author of the book How to Talk Back to Your Television Set, once said, “All television is educational television. The question is: what is it teaching?” With the growth in popularity of television over the years, the question of whether the content viewers are absorbing is beneficial or detrimental remains. While television programs such as documentaries other educational programs can benefit a viewer by providing them with additional knowledge, an over exposure of non-educational programs can causes detrimental problems. Nowadays, it is normal for teenagers to sit and binge watch their favorite television for hours on end, but too much television can cause bigger problems than just being a couch potato. An over exposure of …show more content…
Video games are another way that children are exposed to violence. When they fall prey to the violence in the videogames, they fail to realize the damaging effects of violence in the real world. According to Bushman (2001) study, some children are asked to play nonviolent or violent video games, and then they was asked how the main character of the story would react to a certain scene. Those who played the violent video game had a more hostile approach then the children who played the nonviolent videogames (p.5). The children answers were more hostile after the use of the violent videogames because they have made violence into a norm for their daily …show more content…
The teachers think that television is one of the ways that children and sometimes-adults get to learn information on topics that they are interested in.They also believe that violence on the television is an outlet for children to release the pressure that they have in a controlled way. They say that since the child vents out their aggression during the TV show they are less likely to injure anybody in their classrooms our around them. Teachers think that most of the television shows are actually beneficial to the development for the children. It also said that TV is one way for the children to pass time so they will not get into any trouble.
According to Anderson, Gentile, Milteer, and Shifrin (2009), research revealed that children are more likely to behave even more aggressive after exposure to violence in media (p.3). In revealing this I will say that exposure to violence on the television is actually hindering the learning capabilities of the child. The learning behavior of children is usually in the process of observing, imitating an adopting anything they come across. The child will actually adopt the act of violence and use it on their peers as a self-defense

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