Essay on Video Games Harmful Or Beneficial?

1639 Words May 11th, 2016 null Page
Video Games – Harmful or Beneficial? In today 's society there is a lot of controversy over whether violent video games affect minors in a negative way. Some people may believe that they do negatively affect minors but in my opinion I believe that video games have multiple benefits. Video games are not harmful to it 's users because they teach communication / teamwork, they improve decision making skills and they also help increase your reaction time. Most parents will tell you that they believe violent video games are bad for their children. According to, "90% of pediatricians and 67% of parents agreed or strongly agreed that violent video games can increase aggressive behavior among children". Essentially, most parents and pediatricians agree that violent video games are bad for children. It is not scientifically proven that this is true, in fact, statistics could be proving the opposite. Video games can decrease violent crimes and actually help society. Stated on, "Total US sales of video game hardware and software increased 204% from 1994 to 2014, reaching $13.1 billion in 2014, while violent crimes decreased 37% and murders by juveniles acting alone fell 76% in that same period." This is a clear indication that video games can be beneficial to the minors of our society. As someone who has played plenty of immersive video games (some violent) I know just how helpful these games can be to relieve stress or to kill time.…

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