Video Games Are Abundant And Should Be Seriously Considered Essay

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When a kid follows their passion, it makes the most outstanding environment for learning and opportunity for growth. Beyond fostering learning in a particular topic, game design teaches a new language, says Frank Lantz, director of the Game Center at New York University. (Krigman)

It 's important for kids to recognize that programming is a fundamental literacy they can learn, Lantz says. There is a bit of a cult mentality still around programming, but no, it 's just a new kind of literacy. (Krigman) The emergence of teaching through video games has also led to the rise of competitions, such as the National STEM Video Game Challenge. Through the challenge middle school and high school students put in their own original game designs for a chance to win prizes for themselves and money for their schools. Last spring, Microsoft announced the launch of a similar competition, making students use Microsoft’s own platform, Kodu. The benefits of teaching STEM through video games are abundant and should be seriously considered. The biggest benefit among them is increased engagement. As most teachers know it’s hard to get your students interested in the lesson, but it is believed if you add games to the mix the possibilities are endless and astounding. Incorporating video games are the key to keep students motivated to learn. One of the other key elements is how well it supports the students. With games, students learn about how much they want to explore a particular subject. Games…

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