Essay about Video Games : A Video Game

1738 Words Dec 1st, 2014 7 Pages
Andrew Durst
Mrs. Dejmal
English 102
November 30, 2014
Violent Video Games Almost every kid has played a video game throughout their lifetime. For some playing video games give them a thrill, others it is a way of learning. Video games are a huge debate in the political and scientific world. With violent video games there are ongoing studies to see if it really causes kids to be violent. With the amount of violence in the games today it is easy to get caught up in the game and see themselves as characters in it. Parents can be a big help when their kids play video games. They can help make the decisions on which games their kids could play based on the ratings. The ratings of the video games get handled very differently from country to country. With the countries being able to sell the games however they want, it allows them to be regulated differently. The good things are that they can be used for military training, recruitment, and research. Video games cause children to be more violent than the kids that do not play video games. Video games have only been around for a couple of decades. Since the release of video games they have been developed towards learning. Video games like Leap Frog or Jumpstart helped kids in elementary school learn in a fun environment. There were also games that taught you how to type in most computer classes that were both fun and educational. Schools promoted video games without violence by letting us learn through these types of games. This…

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