Veteran 's Health Administration Is The Nation 's Largest Integrated Health Care System With Over 1300 Locations

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Veteran’s Health Administration is the nation’s largest integrated health care system with over 1,300 locations. To address concerns about the quality of care provided the administration decided to undergo a “broad organizational transformation.” This transformation included many things to improve patient and employee satisfaction, as well as, safety. Resource redistribution, reevaluation of quality and value standards, and creation of a department-wide database to enable patients, clinicians, and administrators were the top priorities for this change (McCarthy and Blumenthal, 2006). The National Center for Patient Safety was quickly developed to encourage and enforce all of the new modifications. The foremost goal of the Veteran’s Health Administration at this time was to improve patient safety by reducing errors and changing the thought process surrounding the errors. They implemented several resources to make this happen (McCarthy and Blumenthal, 2006). Errors would no longer be punished and seen as unforgivable, but instead viewed as learning experiences. The National Center for Patient Safety was established in 1999, but that was not the beginning of the immense change. In 1997, the first steps toward the transformation were starting. Several things were implemented in the next few years that led to fewer mistakes and greater patient safety. They were the first large institution to undergo such a transformation across the board (McCarthy and Blumenthal, 2006).

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