Vermeer's Hat Analysis

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In Vermeer’s Hat, Timothy Brook displays a variety of paintings by Johannes Vermeer. From the paintings, Brook connects them with events that are occurring in Europe during the seventeenth century. Through Brook’s perspective, the paintings are taken into consideration its importance in telling the events that involve a piece or a part of the painting. Along with the paintings’ importance, Brook also a displayed of a wider connection between each chapter and how it creates a main argument of Vermeer’s Hat. In one of the chapters, The Dish of Fruit, Brook uses the Vermeer’s painting of the Young Woman Reading a Letter at an Open Window to explain the use of porcelain plate in a Dutch painting which it assists the purpose of the chapter. Young …show more content…
Without the painting, Brook would have been unable to begin an argument as the argument that is presented focuses on a particular object rather than the entire painting. Within the argument Brook focuses on porcelain which is quite an important aspect as many readers would question why there is a Chinese porcelain portrayed in a Dutch painting. Nevertheless, the painting enforces why Brook is explaining the events that led to the discovery and use of porcelain. It assists readers in asking questions about where and how the porcelain came to be drawn into the painting. Brook explains that the setting of the painting is where the story begins as it travels from China to Delft (56). The painting is displayed as a backbone to whether or not the information is relevant to the readers. When presenting the argument, Brook refers back to the painting with the remark about the emergence of Chinese porcelain in a Dutch house during the middle of the seventeenth century (77). The reference back to the painting allows Brook to make a connection between the painting and the information being presented. With the painting in question by readers and the reference back to the painting allows Brook to present the argument of the changes during the seventeenth

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