Contemporary Art: The Social Media Image By Nadav Hochman

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Within the world of contemporary art, an issue that often presents itself is the issue of context. In many cases such as the one I will present in this essay, the idea of understanding and appreciating a piece of work is often quite difficult without the back-story. Not only does context place the work in time, but also allows us as viewers to further relate our own experiences to what the artist is trying to say. This process of obtaining context through research therefore allows for a deeper appreciation of the given work despite our initial assumptions and bias.
My process for understanding a work of art, like many, starts with the work itself. Things such as bodily response for example are the first steps to decoding a piece of art. Does the work repulse you? Does it draw you in? Are you curious about it? All of these questions get the wheels turning and allow you to retrieve more information out of what you are looking at. Aspects of a work that I often look at first are the artist, title, and obvious subject matter such as
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While not directly relating to the piece in an artistic format, it was very interesting to see someone interpret the work in a scientific way. Hochman when speaking about Gonzales-Torres’s piece in regards to his study of “visual structures” and “big visual data”, describes the work as presenting analogous times”. “Yet due to batteries running down at different rates in each of the two clocks, they are slightly out of synch.” Therefore creating a “juxtaposition of two perfectly aligned times that gradually run down and advance at differing rates, a metaphorical unfulfilled desire of two nearly identical and symmetrical beings to become one” hence the title, “Perfect Lovers”. This quote from Hochman echoes the statement made by Rounthwaite regarding the fact that the clocks will never “become perfectly

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