Verbal Communication : The Former Friend Ad Essay

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Throughout the Ex-Friend ad, there is no form of verbal communication besides the slogan, “stop being a friend, and start being a man” near the conclusion of the commercial. In doing so, the commercial relies heavily on the facial expressions and grunts between both males to communicate the battle of manliness. In the ad, the manly construction worker continually grunts when he tries to battle with the younger male to pull down the woman’s zipper (Unilever Interns, 2010). When watching the ad, one can tell that the construction worker’s grunts signify him saying “no” to the younger male pulling up the woman’s zipper. These grunts tell the viewer that one only gets disapproval from men if they help a woman instead of themselves first. If a viewer watches the Ex-Friend campaign of advertising they will develop a sense that whatever the manly man approves of or does in the ad is the way they should go about their life as well. Near the conclusion of the ad, the construction worker stares at the viewer and begins to lowly growl in disdain which calls the viewer into action by buying the ex-friend spray or fear being looked down upon by other men around him. By only using grunts for a form of communication, the ad generalizes all men saying that they would rather just grunt and fight than speak with the words about why something is wrong. In doing so, the ad continues the media stereotype of men being insensitive because they do not want to express their true feelings…

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