Vegan Diet Pros And Cons Essay

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Jordon Young, a young woman who had Orthorexia, an eating disorder in which the person is led to believe in only consuming foods that are considered to be healthy such as raw nuts, fruits and vegetables. Her diet was that of a Vegan and she had a blog known as the Blonde Vegan which had helped many other vegans start on their diet path, but soon all that changed. While still in her vegan diet, she had believed such a diet would help her satisfy her hunger and remain healthy have back-fired, her lips turned blue, hair was falling out, her skin was blotchy, and she missed her period in six months.
Veganism is a widely known diet consisting of people only eating raw fruits and vegetables and nuts. People on vegan diets do not eat any product that comes from animals such as fat, protein meat, and milk; this also includes wearing animal skin for clothing or using it for decoration. Vegan people are often to be known as “animal lovers” and “environmentalist” for their belief and love for saving animals from going extinct and healing in both body and mind.
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Here are the pros and cons on a Vegan diet.
The Pros- It may help lower cholesterol. This especially goes towards people with Type 2 Diabetes who had adapted the vegan style life according to the reference studies in Diabetes Voice by Jackie Keller, a nutritionist. It has reduced their LDL (low density lipoprotein) cholesterol by 21

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