Health Insurance In The Military

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The United States military offers several types of health insurance for active duty members of the armed forces, retired members of the armed forces and qualified veterans. Health insurance through the military can get tricky, so here are a few tips that will help you understand and manage your coverage plans.
• Tricare is the health insurance program offered by the U.S. Department of Defense.
• Active duty members and retirees can choose from various levels of Tricare which includes Prime, Extra, Standard and Tricare for Life.
• Veterans of the United States military who received an honorable discharge but did not retire from the armed forces qualify for health insurance through the Department of Veterans Affairs, also known as the VA.
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The health insurance offered by the Department of Defense is an HMO-type plan known as Tricare. Depending upon your active duty station, you will receive health care at your station’s medical treatment facility through Tricare. A primary care manager oversees you and your family’s healthcare through a network of preferred or in-network providers. Other programs under Tricare, such as Tricare Standard, allow you to choose a provider outside the network for a …show more content…
You may also visit any military hospital or health center. Tricare for life is an extension of Medicare Parts A and B and there are no restrictions based on your age or where you reside. However, you must pay your Part B Medicare premiums. There are no enrollment fees for this program and no out-of-pocket costs for services that both Tricare and Medicare cover.

VA Health Insurance Benefits
If you served in the United States military, and you were discharged under any circumstance other than dishonorable, you are considered a veteran and you may qualify for health insurance through the Department of Veterans Affairs. As of 2016, the VA’s minimum duty requirements stand at 24 consecutive months of service. However, if you were discharged due to a disability prior to the 24- month requirement, you can still qualify for health care through the VA.

You may also qualify for an enhanced eligibility status if you meet certain criteria. Enhanced eligibility includes former prisoners of war, Purple Heart recipients, Medal of Honor winners or you served in Vietnam or the Persian Gulf

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