Essay on Values in the Workplace

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Introduction In my project I am going to discuss a major and actual topic of all times, namely values in a workplace. The topic will be broken down into three parts. The first one will reflect the types of the organizational values and the difference between personal values and those of a workplace. Also, it will include the reasons that maximize the distance between values leading to different consequences. The second part will examine the possible strategies and methods that may minimize the gap between personal and organizational norms. In other words, I am going to analyze various approaches that will make work-related values congruent with personal ones, which, result to a more sustainable environment of an …show more content…
The same goes to uncertainty avoidance, whether it is high or low, the manager should adapt the espoused values to the specific cultural preferences and norms in the organization in order to motivate positive attitude, improve productivity and maintain a healthy working environment.

Strategies Regarding strategies, there are numerous ways, which if effectively implemented, may minimize the distance between espoused and enacted values. In case with cultural diversity, some variables should be taken into account in order to achieve a successful adjustment of organizational and personal norms. First of all, managers should understand the extent to which a certain multicultural organization is willing to accept the new work-related values system. Another factor is the dimension of the cultural differences,meaning whether it is high or low. Finally, managers should analyze the ability of the employees to adjust to the new organizational norms and values (Daniels 2007). A strategy that may raise congruency between the two values is effective managerial communication. One of the traditional way of communicating organizational values to workers, which actually has been neglected for many years is

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