Vaccines Are Important For Children And More Females With Share The Same Fear Of Vaccines

1240 Words Dec 2nd, 2015 null Page
The Results I recovered from this poll were not what I had expected. I had expected those who fell within the 18-29 and 30-40 age range to share the same fear of vaccines brought on by Dr. Wakefield nearly two decades ago. My expectations were not met but my results proved me wrong. While comparing the data for my first poll question I found that many people believe vaccines are important for children and more specifically females held that belief more often than did the men who were polled. There were a few females that believed vaccines were somewhat important for children and more males who held the same belief. The surprised me because had assumed that the most common answers for the first question of my poll would have been choices “a” and “c.” I also noticed that answer choice “a” was most commonly picked by those who fell into the 18-29 age range. These results show that a small portion of the current generation is moving away from the irrational fear of vaccines that was created in them and that they are becoming more trusting of any vaccine.
One thing I noticed during the conduction of this poll is that for the first question a majority of the people polled believe that vaccines are very important, which was answer choice “a,” for their children/siblings. I also noticed that more males than females held the belief that vaccines are important. I also noticed that more females than males believed that vaccines were somewhat important, answer choice “b.” When I looked…

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