Vaccinations Should Not Be Mandatory Vaccinations Essay

825 Words Aug 14th, 2015 4 Pages
For years, vaccines have been preventing life-threatening disease and illnesses around the world. Parents fear having their children immunized more than the disease itself, causing more parents to refuse to vaccinate their children (SP). Not vaccinating does not only affect the child, but also other children in school. For students, there are medical and nonmedical exemptions that can be obtained for school-required vaccinations. The amount of nonmedical exemptions has been increasing lately, which is putting many young children in danger of diseases. Recently, there was an outbreak of measles at Disneyland that infected more than 100 people in the United States and Mexico (“California Enacts Mandatory”). The recent measles outbreak was the worst case in decades, which called for a reform in the state of California. A bill was signed that requires students to be vaccinated against diseases, such as whooping cough and measles. Students who do not receive the necessary immunizations will be required to be home-schooled (“California Enacts Mandatory”). Some parents are arguing against the bill stating that parents have the right to decide whether their child gets vaccinated. Children who do not have all mandatory immunizations should be required to be homeschooled because they jeopardize the safety of the community by causing an outbreak. This will remove personal belief exemptions and only allow medical exemptions from immunizations. This issue is socially relevant.…

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