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accines: Why Public Places Should Demand Them
Due to the recent anti-vaccination movements, many people believe that requiring vaccinations may put their children at risk for a number of illnesses (NVIC), and that they are morally obligated to not expose their child to unnecessary danger (Slate). The efforts of pediatricians across the country to clear up misconceptions on vaccination safety has not only been ineffective, but counterproductive (Nyhan). Diseases, such as the measles are very contagious and harmful (“Top 4 Things”). Tragically, public safety in our country has been compromised due to the recent measles outbreak which originated at Disneyland, a place where families and children should be able to feel safe (Gonzalez). Unnecessary
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Highly contagious and harmful diseases such as the Measles, were considered eradicated, but are now making a comeback. This is happening despite the best efforts of pediatricians and public health organizations to inform the public of vaccine safety. Scientific studies are taking a back seat to the growing and widespread paranoia that is being published on the internet, and more people are getting sick and dying from diseases that could have been prevented. It is for these reasons that I believe public places, such as schools, libraries, museums, and amusement parks, like Disneyland, should be allowed to demand that only vaccinated individuals (with a few exemptions) can enter their establishments.
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