Using Technology As A Learning Tool Essays

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In today’s digital world, several school systems are incorporating computers, laptops, and even personal laptops into the classroom. Digital learning is the combination of ordinary academic material and technology. The idea suggests that today’s youth are being raised in an advanced technological world; a “native” to the digital nation (Dretzin, Rushkoff, 2010). Therefore, in order to engage a student academically, an instructor must utilize technology as a learning tool. In some classes, personal computers are stationed at each desk for students to complete assignments or interact within the classroom by blogging or posting on a discussion board. Likewise, the computers allow students to follow along with classroom lectures rather than staring at a tedious overhead projector. Also, students may be equipped with a personal laptop to complete assignments at home. The technological teaching method is thought to capture students’ attention and maintain interest in schoolwork instead of simply assigning chapters to read in a textbook. Today’s students require curb appeal with a hands on approach to entice one’s inquisitive mind.

The consolidation of technology with classwork is a pattern reflected in school systems across the globe. Classrooms are trading textbooks for computers and laptops. Lesson plans are being replaced by computer programs. For example, I ready, is a computer program that provides personalized curriculum in math or reading to monitor and improve a…

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