Using Semi Structured And Unstructured Interview With Open Ended Questions

1008 Words Jan 17th, 2016 null Page
Therefore, there are part of research which have utilised qualitative methods, such as semi-structured and unstructured interview with open-ended questions and fieldwork, to explore the older people’s experiences of micro-level social care (Wang and Schneider, 2000). Particularly, lv et al. (2014) generate a study, which focuses on the older people with disabilities to analyse the influences of community care intervention. The paper adopts focus group interviews to collect data with 10 older people with disabilities who are suffering chronic diseases, by conducting a qualitative research method, finding community care including friendly interactive relationship, physical and mental health will enhance older people’s adjustment to the environment. The particularity of this group makes this research use qualitative method. Therefore, In-depth and focus group interviews used could help explore the older people’s experience of community care in view of their poor literacy and reading abilities, because face-to-face interview will be of benefits for older people to complete the whole research question. Moreover, the use of semi-structured interview with open-ended questions could contribute to understand their deep thoughts and true perspectives and gain micro-level data. Most notably, lv et al. (2014) carry out more than twice depth Interviews for each interviewees and each for 40-60 minutes, which means richer and direct information will be collected. In addition, another…

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