Essay about Using Not A Bag Of Snack Food

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As of September 2016, over 260 million Americans have consumed at least 1 bag of potato chips. This means that at least 24375 tons of chips have been eaten in the past year. However, that calculation would only be true if each bag contained at minimum its labeled amount. When opening a bag of chips, it is easy to assume that the labeled amount is false due to the amount of empty space inside. Thus, the goal of this paper is to explore this idea and document the experimentation that follows in order to find out whether or not a bag of snack food contains its labeled amount.
To begin with, the air inside packaged snack bags is important for preserving the product. The air inside the bag acts as a cushion, so that the product inside is not crushed. This is critical for when bags are tightly placed into boxes, which then deal with any possible rough handling that comes with the shipping procedures. But, the air inside the bags is not the same as the air we breathe around us. This is because of a packaging practice known as Modified Atmosphere Packaging.
As the name implies, Modified Atmosphere Packaging, or MAP, is the alteration of the internal air composition of the packages. There are three main gases used in MAP; either by themselves or in combination. They are O2 (Oxygen), CO2 (Carbon Dioxide), and N2 (Nitrogen). Nitrogen is the most commonly used as it is easy and cost effective to store and purify. When the product is inserted into the packaging, nitrogen is…

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