Meal Mix Up Lab Report

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Today, I concluded the experiment of last meal mix up. Through multiple test, I was able to decipher which stomach content belongs to what person. The first test was the brown paper bag test, which allows me to see if the stomach content contains lipids or not.. This involved taking a piece of bag paper and using a pencil to divide it into five sections. Next, I labeled each section with the number of the stomach contents. Then, I placed two drops of each sample in the appropriate section. After, I set aside the paper and let it dry. Once it died I lifted up the paper to see which one I can see light through, if light shines through than the stomach content contains lipids. Thus, content two was the only see through so it contained lipids. …show more content…
Firstly, I placed 20 drops of each stomach content into the five different tubes. Next, I placed three drops of iodine solution into each tube. Then, I observed the result, if it changed color to brown then dark purple or black, it contained starches. Solutions two, four, and five had a positive result for polysaccharides.
After that, I preformed the Biuret test, which sees if a substance contains proteins. I first placed 5 drops of each stomach content into the appropriately labeled tube. Next, I added one drop of Biuret solution into each tube. Then, I recorded the result, if the substance changed purple then it contained proteins. Only stomach two and three had a positive trace of protein.
With these results I was able to conclude that stomach content one belongs to Margaret Little, who ate a bag of Skittles and ice tea with honey, because it contained only monosaccharides. Content two belongs to Lucy Wunderchomper, who ate a Big Mac Value Meal supersized with an extra order of supersized fries and a shake, because it contained protein, starch, lipids, and monosaccharides. Stomach content three belongs to Davis O'Leary, who consumed a very lean steak and a glass of water, because I only contained protein. Stomach four belongs to U. R. Downs, who ate plain spaghetti, because it only contained starches. Finally, Stomach content five belongs to Wendell Sputz, who ate a bag of jelly beans and a baked potato, because it contained monosaccharides and

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