Essay Using Linear Perspective Advanced Rapidly As A Technique

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Art is constantly changing. Styles come in and out of favor, subject matter old and new are painted and explored, and new techniques are developed. One major development and new technique that vastly changed art was the use of linear perspective during 15th Century Italy. As with any new technique, the use of linear perspective took a while to advance and become the mathematically based depth cue that people now know it as. In the beginning, it was simply the slight convergence of lines, not always to the same vanishing point. This convergence of lines gave viewers of this new artistic technique, the suggestion that one object was in front of another. (Stokstad, 2014)
There are many theories about how linear perspective advanced rapidly as a technique. However, its rapid development can be linked to another invention of this time; mirrors. With the invention of the free standing mirror during this time period, many things about average life changed. It was now popular for all people, both poor and rich, to own some type of free standing mirror as the technology used to make mirrors developed. These new developments both allowed mirrors to be produced quicker and with a better quality image. (History of Mirrors, 2015) The rapid advancement in linear perspective can be linked to these developments with mirror production. It is, therefore, highly possible to attributed the rapid development in linear perspective to the artist of this time using the reflective…

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