Using A Technology Device Every Day Essay

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Background / Situation Analysis
Turning an old home smart is easier than ever with Samsung SmartThings in your home. You can monitor and control almost anything. The only limitation is your mind. The space for these type of devices to expanding at a huge rate. With the huge increase in cell phone and tablet users around the world, the market is already use to using a technology device every day. The key for SmartThings and other competitors in the space is ease of use and reliability. Samsung bought SmartThings in August 2014 for $200 (CLARK). Dara Kerr at Cnet said, “The idea of the acquisition is to pair Samsung 's resources with SmartThings ' platform so that the two can boost innovation in the Internet of Things. Companies across the tech and home-appliances sector, not to mention startups, are working on products that allow devices to talk to each other and connect to the Internet. Smart appliances allow people to do everything from turn on their air conditioners using a smartphone to remotely close the window blinds in their homes” (Kerr). The Internet of Things is booming and everyone wants to get in on the action.

Core Problem / Opportunity One of the largest problems facing SmartThings is the fear of it not working when it is needed most. This is on top of the ads constantly being pushed about how easy home security and anyone who has gone through knows it is never as easy as they say. What happens if it unlocks the doors, when you desperately need them locked?…

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