Essay on Using A New Technology Tool

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The ISTE standards (formerly NETS) addressed were: Standard 1- Students were instructed to use the internet to construct knowledge, to create a new celebration with activities to demonstrate creative thinking, and to develop a product using a new technology tool, Students used quizlet tool to learn the new vocabulary, and for their collaboration and presentational tools, PowerPoint, Prezi, Jing, Slideshare and Edmodo were used; Standard 2- Students worked in pairs and were directed to upload their product on Edmodo, after which, they were instructed to watch 5 presentations and post a comment about what they liked about their classmates presentations and give any suggestions on how the presentations could be improved; Standard 3. students used the internet search engines to gather the information; Standard 4 – By comparing Hispanic celebrations with their own (especially in Spanish) students use critical thinking skills to plan and conduct research, manage projects, solve problems, and make informed decisions using appropriate digital tools and resources.

I found the creation of this assignment very interesting and engaging. I had to decide how to implement technology tools, and which tools were going to support the lesson by giving students an experience with the technology they were not familiar with, and to collaborate and give their opinions using an asynchronous platform. Most of the students used Jing for their presentation, and very few used slide share,…

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